How do I search for an item?

  1. Type your search in the search box at the top of the screen. Click on the magnifying glass OR press Enter.
  2. Your results will load on the screen. Click on an item to view more information on the title.
  3. Within this page, you'll find the summary, reviews, and excerpts on the title, and Novelist Recommendations. 

Advanced search options

At the top left of the screen of our catalogue, you’ll see a box with the word “Everything”

Click on the down arrow beside that box, and you’ll get a drop-down list:

  1. Library catalogue - To search and borrow physical (printed) items only.
  2. eBooks & More - To find and download eBooks and other downloadable items to your device.
  3. Articles & More - To find information published in newspaper and magazines.
  4. Central Library - To search and borrow items from Central branch only.
  5. Oak Ridges Library - To search and borrow items from Oak Ridges branch only.
  6. Richmond Green Library - To search and borrow items from Richmond Green branch only.
  7. Richvale Library - To search and borrow items from Richvale Library only.
  8. You may also search for books, audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs, and large print books only.

The “All Fields” drop-down list next to “Everything” allows you to search based on:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Subject
  • Series
  • ISBN

Why? This will help narrow your search to specific subjects you are looking for. For example, it can exclude fiction titles when looking for non-fiction titles with the same words.

Right under “Everything”, you will find 2 tabs labelled:

  1. Search Results - Includes Library Catalogue and eBooks & More.
  2. Articles & More

The “Search Results” tab will be chosen as a default when searching under “Everything”.  By clicking on “Articles & More”, you will get the same search results but all that content will be from magazines and newspapers.

Down the left side are facets that allow you to limit your search result. Select and put a check mark inside the box and click on Include or Exclude to limit your search results.

Try to experiment with some of your searches to see what you get!

More questions? Please feel free to stop by any one of our locations and talk to one of our librarians. You can also use Ask Us to send us your questions.