Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission is Sure

We are your library. Your knowledge centre. When you need to solve a problem, make a decision, learn, read, enjoy or explore an issue, we integrate the sources with the expertise to help you to build your life and build your community.

Our Vision is Clear

We will enrich your choices, your connections, and your community in ways you’ve never imagined. As our community changes dramatically, we are determined to know you better, and to continuously improve the sources, services and spaces you deserve from your library.

We will be recognized as being aligned with Town initiatives and as an integral part of the community network, catalyzing conversations within the community and among individuals. We will be your know-how, enjoy-that space for discovery, and experimenting.  You’ll know us, not just as the place that loans books, but as the library staff who touch your diverse lives in positive and impactful ways.

Our Values are Strong


We offer a welcoming presence and equitable treatment for all


We appreciate and celebrate our differences and similarities

Intellectual Freedom

We provide free and equitable access to information


We deliver responsive and creative service excellence


We promise honesty and integrity in all interactions

Literacy and Lifelong Learning

We promote and encourage a love of reading and personal growth


We practice efficient and effective stewardship of library resources