Self-Published Books

While Richmond Hill Public Library welcomes suggestions for purchase from self-published authors, we receive a large number of submissions and purchase self-published books very selectively.

We are most likely to purchase books that meet the criteria as defined in our Collection Development Policy, or that are of significant local interest or which have received media attention.

Please consult RHPL's Collection Development Policy for a complete list of the Library's selection criteria.

To have a self-published book considered for inclusion in the Library's collection, please complete our online application form.

Please do not send a sample of your book. If the selector wants to see it, the Library will buy a copy.

If you have self-published an eBook, please contact the Library eBook vendor OverDrive for inclusion in their catalogue. We, and other libraries, will then have access to your title.

Program Proposals

Richmond Hill Public Library welcomes program proposals from the public and gives priority to those that complement our collections, services and strategic plan. We also take into consideration the interests of our community, the suitability of our physical space and a program's contribution to our overall schedule of events.

Library programs are usually arranged 6 to 12 months in advance and must be open to the public. We do not allow commercial advertising and direct solicitation. Business professionals giving information sessions do not receive an honorarium, but may provide a business card or contact information to people who request it.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please complete our online application form. Your application will be made available to staff for consideration and retained on file for future reference. Due to high volume, we cannot acknowledge receipt of your proposal. If Richmond Hill Public Library is interested in booking your program you will be contacted directly.

The Library would like to thank Toronto Public Library for granting permission to modify their application form.