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Did you know you can borrow hundreds of audiobooks from the Library? Browse and borrow from our physical collection of audiobooks, or explore our digital collection. Plus, get digital downloads on your personal devices with library apps for Overdrive and Hoopla. 


Access audiobooks and eBooks online with your library card. Sign them out and download them to your device.

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Borrow and listen to music or audiobooks any time. Titles can be streamed or downloaded.

Please note that hoopla is no longer supported in Internet Explorer; using an alternative browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari, is encouraged. 

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Freegal Music

Stream 24/7. Download 5 MP3s per week from a selection of almost 11 million tracks from Sony Music Canada, IODA and The Orchard. Thousands of music videos are available for download (each video uses 2 of your 5 weekly downloads).

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In Library and At Home/Work Video Tutorial

VOX™ Books for Kids

VOX Books are the world’s first all-in-one read-along. Young readers can listen to lively narrators read through the story while they flip the pages on their own. No CDs, tapes, batteries, devices, or internet access required; just press a button and hear the stories for yourself! VOX Books can be used with or without headphones, making them perfect for both solo and group enjoyment.

Find all-in-one books with audio for kids in our catalogue, available at all our branches. 

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