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Fine Arts

Fine Arts places 10.4 million articles at the fingertips of serious students of drama, music, art history, and filmmaking. More than 250 journals covered in databases such as the Wilson Art Index and the Répertoire International de Littérature Musicale (RILM) index are available in full text. Exclusive features, including Topic Finder, InterLink, and a mobile-optimized interface, support and enhance the search experience.

Gender Studies

This collection of journals aims to provide balanced coverage of this significant aspect of our culture, covering such topics as gender studies, family and marital issues, health aspects, and many more.

Indigenous Peoples of North America

This digital collection comprehensively covers the history of North American Indigenous peoples and supporting organizations, spotlighting the culture and heritage of more than 70 tribes within the United States and Canada. Content is sourced from both American and Canadian institutions, as well as from newspapers from various tribes and Indigenous-related organizations. The collection also features Indigenous language materials, including dictionaries, bibles, and primers.

New York Times Cooking

New York Times Cooking offers a thorough and diverse recipe collection, as well as tips and techniques to help you become a better and more creative home cook.

Pop Culture Studies

Pop Culture Studies provides access to scholarly journals and magazines that both analyze and contribute to popular culture. The database offers useful information for researchers in social science, history, art or liberal arts courses.