Library Membership

Become a Member

If you live, work. or go to school in York Region, you can get a free membership to RHPL. Being a member gives you access to everything the Library has to offer. Borrow items from our collections, use our computers and other devices, get priority access to our programs, and log in to many of our digital resources from home. 

Types of Memberships

Becoming a member is easy! Visit one of our branch locations and one of our team members will be happy to help you get started. Read below for types of memberships available. 

Adult Membership

Richmond Hill Public Library memberships are free to all adults (18+) who live, work or attend school in Richmond Hill, Aurora, East Gwillimbury, Georgina, King Township, Newmarket, Markham, Vaughan and Whitchurch-Stouffville (York Region Public Libraries Partnership). You'll need to provide photo ID with proof of address, or two forms of identification. 

Child and Youth Memberships

Child memberships are available for those aged 13 years and under. Parental proof of address and identification are required, as well as parent signature. Please Note: parents and guardians are responsible for the selection, usage, and safe return of our library materials borrowed by children. 

Youth memberships are available for those aged 14 -17 years and does not require the signed consent of a parent or guardian, but does require proof of address. Please note: parents and guardians are still responsible for the safe return of materials borrowed by persons under the age of 18. 

Visitors (Temporary Membership - Up to 6 months)

This membership is for persons who are residing in Richmond Hill temporarily without proof of a permanent address. It can be obtained for a $5.00 monthly fee for up to a total of six months. After this period, you’d have the option of switching your membership to another type, after which, the non-resident fee would apply. Note: proof of identity and permanent address are required as well as your temporary local address.

Non-Residents (Permanent Membership - Renewable) 

This membership is for non-residents of York Region who want a membership with RHPL for longer than six months. This membership type has a fee and expires annually.

Ease of Access Cards

For those who cannot provide proof of address, you can still become a member. The Ease of Access card is a free membership that provides full access to the Library’s eResources and computers, but has limited opportunities to borrow physical materials. Up to five holds and five physical materials (with the exception of iPads and Chromebooks) may be borrowed at one time. 

Digital Cards

We're improving your experience with our digital membership. As a result, we've temporarily paused the creation of digital cards. Please visit your nearest RHPL branch to get an RHPL membership, or connect with a staff member through our chat service.


Membership Renewals

Library cards expire every two years and all outstanding monies owing to the Library must be paid in full before the member’s library card can be renewed. Approximately 30 days prior to your membership expiring, you will receive notice to connect with our staff for renewal. You’ll need to verify your identity. To renew your membership, please visit your nearest RHPL branch. 

If you are unable to visit your nearest RHPL branch to renew your membership, you can connect a member of our staff over phone to verify your information such as your address, contact information and email. If there has been any change in your address, you will need to visit the nearest RHPL branch with a proof of address.

Card Replacement if Lost or Stolen

Lost or stolen cards must be reported to the Library immediately to avoid the responsibility for items borrowed against your card without your approval. Replacement cards are issued at the cost of $2. Damaged or worn-out cards are replaced free of charge. Identification with proof of your address is required in order to replace a card. 

Members are responsible for all materials borrowed on their library card and for any charges that may result from late, lost or damaged materials.


The information contained in your customer record is confidential. Upon presentation and verification of your library card, you can access only your own record or that of your minor children or wards.

Access information on your borrowed items, loans, holds and fines is available when you sign in to your account.

If you move or change your telephone number or email address, please notify the Library so that we can update your customer record.