Proctoring Exams

Proctoring Guidelines

  • Examination proctoring will be offered at Central Library for a fee of $40.00 + tax. This does not include return postage if the school does not provide it.

  • A minimum of three weeks' advance notice is required before any exam is proctored.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to arrange for the examination package to be sent from the issuing Institution directly to the Proctoring Co-Ordinator one week prior to the exam date.

  • The student must pay the proctoring fee at the Full Service Desk on the 1st floor before the exam commences and bring the receipt to the exam room.

  • The Library reserves the right to refuse the request if conditions set by the issuing institution cannot be met.

  • Re-scheduling of appointments is subject to the Library's approval.

  • The Library accepts no responsibility for any charges involved in proctoring such as photocopying or mailing charges. Any such costs are borne by the student taking the exam.

  • The student must provide their own laptops and any supplies required to take the exam.

  • The Library will provide a distraction-free space, but does not guarantee that the student will be monitored continuously.

  • The Library will not be liable for any missing items, papers, samples, or other documents related to the exam.

  • The Library is not responsible for unforeseen interruptions of the test due to loss of power, internet service, or other computer problems.

  • Examinations must be completed within Library opening hours. The student is responsible for ensuring that they have allowed sufficient time to write any exam.

To apply, please email or contact the proctor at 905-884-9288 ext. 0800