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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, Vision, Values


At Richmond Hill Public Library, we’re driven to be your lifelong partner in learning. We strive to transform how you interact with and exist in library public spaces; to improve your quality of life through innovative programs and free services that serve this community. Our role is to sustain a gathering place for our community and to provide equitable and universal library access with resources that support your well-being.


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Our Purpose

As a strong cornerstone of Richmond Hill, we exist to improve your quality of life. Our role is a gathering place for our community and to provide equitable and universal access to resources that support your well-being.

Our Vision

We provide world-class library experiences that motivate you to confidently adapt and thrive in a world of change, and enhance Richmond Hill as a place to live, visit, and do business.

Our Mission

We offer you knowledge, experiences, and resources that enable you to grow the capabilities you need to respond to personal, local, national, and global challenges, as well as trends and interests.

Our Values

We champion our differences. We believe that understanding and embracing diversity enriches us; that our services should be accessible to everyone; that freedom of expression ensures we can exchange ideas and perspectives.


We focus on impact. We believe that our customers are our top priority; that doing the right things and doing things right will help us focus and be more impactful; and that we need to balance short and long-term growth.


We are adaptable. We believe that embracing ambiguity and responding quickly to change is necessary in a fast-paced world; that curiosity and creativity fuel new thinking; and that our failures make us stronger and smarter.


We actively engage. We believe in co-designing with our community; that hands-on and collaborative experiences make for more memorable learning; and that accountability means being part of the solution.

Our New Brand

Our new brand symbolizes our promise to Richmond Hill. It’s rooted in where we came from, and looks ahead to where we are going. It’s about how we are changing, and what hasn’t changed – our commitment to this community.

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